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Permanent Hair Reduction

Permanent Hair Reduction - Underarm
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Exciting! Exciting! Exciting!  There is so much excitement about Permanent Hair Reduction.  Although it is commonly referred to as Laser Hair Removal, the actual process of reduction of hair growth is indeed a process called Permanent Hair Reduction.  It is one of the fastest growing non-surgical options available.  According to the Academy of Plastic Surgery, it is the 2nd most common non-surgical prodedure performed.

With permanent hair reduction, we can permanently reduce hair anywhere on the human body.  Hundreds of thousands of people across the country have experienced the luxury of reduced hair growth.  An additional benefit of permenant hair reduction is its ability to treat and prevent ingrown hair that often causes irritating and inflamed bumps also known as “razor bumps”.

How does it work?
BioDerm uses a breakthrough technology called Intense Pulsed Light to destroy hair follicles at their base to permanently prevent new hair from growing at that site. This means that the light energy is absorbed in the targeted hair follicles while sparing the surrounding, healthy skin tissue. The intense pulsed light is administered in small bursts to minimize any discomfort. The hair will subsequently fall out within a few days. Each patient skin type is unique so our Physician Trainned Staff can individualize your treatment to fit your skin color, hair color, sensitivity to light, and hair density. BioDerm can treat a wide range of hair colors: auburn, dirty blonde, light brown, dark brown and black hair.  We can also treat a wide range of skin colors, from light skin to dark skin.    

How many treatments will I need?
Even after just one treatment, a significant reduction in hair may occur at the treated area. 
Significant hair reduction does require 5  or more treatments to adequately cover the majority of hair follicles. This is due to the fact that hair grows in stages, and the light will only treat actively growing hair follicles. With only approximately 25-60% of the hair in any given area in the active phase, each treatment can reduce hair by approximately 25-60%. The thing to remember is that the hair reduction is PERMANENT, so the expense of waxing, buying razors and enduring cuts will soon be a thing of the past.    

Is it safe?
Numerous published studies in professional medical journals attest to the IPL system's safety and long-term effectiveness.

How long does the treatment take and what are the side effects?
Treatment times vary depending on the size of the area being treated. Large areas like the legs, back or chest can last 30-45 minutes. Areas like the chin, upper lip, nose, ears, underarm, bikini line or side burns generally last 15 minutes. Side effects and complications are rare, but do occur and a thorough explaining of risk and benefits will be addressed at a personalized consultation with our consultant.     

Does it hurt?
The light is selectively absorbed by the hair and hair follicles.  The skin itself is exposed to little heat.  Minimal discomfort is experienced and can be alleviated with a cool spray, cool roll, and cool gel.

Do I need to let my hair grow out for treatment?
No.  There is no need to let your hair grow out before you remove it.  Light penetrates beneath
the skin to reach the hair follicles.


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